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Why do we Race with Students?

Many people have critiqued our program and have said things like, “You just want to have fun with kids. You can’t possibly be teaching them auto theory and life skills.” We have heard this more than we would like to admit. So let me speak to this. Yes, we want to have fun with students. Last time I checked it is ok to have fun. Everyone has fun activities (sports, music, the arts) that they enjoy. We seek to give students Hope! We work with some students that are doing well and some that are really struggling. If we can have an impact on students’ lives while having fun, we are going to do it.

Life is tough. You never know what is around the next corner. Racing is tough. There is only one winner. Racing teaches you how to persevere and not give up when you are faced with less than ideal circumstances. We teach student auto theory so they have the knowledge that they can use to make their remote cars run better and fix the cars they might have in the future. The program environment strengthens the students resolve to never give up. Remember, there is a cause and effect relationship that we cannot get away from in life. The sooner students learn these things the better.

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