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Really? Auto Theory with RC Cars?

We use remote control cars to teach auto theory. You might be wondering, “How is this possible?” We use hobby grade remote control cars, and unlike the ones you buy at big box retail store these RC cars cost around $250 dollars. We spend a fair amount of time fixing them because of crashes and the intensity of racing we do. The cars we use have adjustable parts, shock absorbers, ride height adjustments, as well as toe and camber adjustments. We use these cars as the vehicle to teach the foundation principles of auto theory.

How do you teach about the internal combustion engine with electrical cars? We do this through taking apart a small four-cycle motor. We don’t just stop at the book knowledge; we realize that most mechanically minded people are kinetic learners. Kinetic learners learn their knowledge of a subject by doing and using their hands, therefore our students must fix, measure, adjust and repair these cars weekly.

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