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No Cost For the first 8 Weeks…. But then what?

Yes, you heard us correctly. There is no cost to students for the first 8 weeks of our program. Why is this? We desire to let nothing stand in the way of a student getting the help they need and being part of our program. That being said, if you would like to race in the full speed second tier program you need to buy a Remote-Control Car. You might wonder why… Well there are a few reasons! We want students to learn real life values through our program. Ownership of a remote-control car teaches you a few things: 1). Responsibility- “I can’t drive this car into the wall because it breaks the car.” 2). Self-control- “I need to exercise self-control because it cost money to do this. How do I work to afford this sport?” For this, we give our students a flyer with ideas on how to make money and how to get sponsors. 3). Patience- “I want to feel the joy of getting what I worked for.” We want our students to be producers not just consumers. Youth Impact Racing teaches students responsibility, ownership, budgeting, saving, hard work and communication among many other things! These are all things that students need to learn to be successful.

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